Thursday, January 31, 2013

Got Oily Skin?

Wanted to give my thoughts on Oily Skin and 100% Pure organic Argan Oil. For the month of January I received my subscribtion with a Travel Size Josie Maran Argan Oil and of course other beauty products. I was more so interested in the Oil and the benefits of this oil.

I have struggled with Oily Skin since my teens and I have not been able to find anything to control it. I can say I have never been a fan of using moisturizer on my skin because I was afraid my skin would break out even more. Not to mention the one time I did try to use it burned my skin.

After telling my alter ego get over it! The past is the past lets take a chance on Josie Maran Argan Oil. I have been using this oil for a month now. It has really done what it said it was going to do plus some. My skin has been glowing and not in the shiny way. I have had no breakouts and My T-zone has been under control. This stuff is great and I am so happy I tried it. I still followed my normal routine of washing my face with Cetaphil Once in the morning and once at nite before bed. I only used it at night. Just a little goes a long way so when I am done with this I will be purchasing a larger bottle. I will try to update this posting with my a photo with a before and after in a couple of weeks. So what do you think of the whole Argan Oil hoopla?

Until Next Time stay Nicely Polished!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paloma Jellysandwich with A Little Kindness

Just like many folks I took advantage at Zoya to purchase 3 polishes for $10 shipping. One of the polishes I purchased was Paloma.

Paloma is a fuchsia purplish jelly. Surprisingly it can go on thin or thick. Depending on how much you leave on the brush. I can say at first I did apply thin on my index finger but just found it better to apply thick on the 1st coat. The 1st coat did dry quickly and had a good shine with out a top coat.

Of course I thought it was a little to plain so I had to add a little extra to my Jelly.

My choice was Rainbow Honey's A Little Kindness to make my jellysandwich complete.

A Little Kindness is the pink family glittery heaven. For a indie polish Rainbow Honey makes sure they represent the best. The packaging is to die for. I took a separate picture so everyone could see for themselves.

So combining Paloma with A Little Kindness made the best Jellysandwich.

Hope everyone enjoys until next time stay Nicely Polished.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sweet as Candy is Grey-t to Be There

Another Day of Ulta shopping brought me to try gradient Nails by Essence Colour & Go collection.

Grey-t to be there is a light grey with very small pink shimmer. The shimmer does not over power the grey but you can still see it.

Sweet as candy is a very sheer pink. Great for a natural look or combined French manicure.

Both polishes combined made this beauty below. Colour & Go has great polishes and very cheap. Has anyone else tried Colour & Go?

Until next time stay Nicely Polished!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Got the Pox

This is one of the most talked about Indie polishes on Instagram.

Wicked Polish did her thing creating this lovely. It took me a month just to get my hands on Pox. I felt like I was stalking her Etsy store and I still have not been able to get the other lovely creations she has made. My dilemmas I tell you! :)

Pox is a milky jelly polish with fluorescent pink and orange hex pieces. My photo below is three coats and you do have to shake the bottle well to get the hex on the nail brush. What I ended up doing was turning the bottle upside down for a few minutes to let everything settle at the top so it could be a little easier. It was all worth the wait.

I'm definitely will be stalking her Etsy shop again for my next purchase. So if your interested in her polishes you have to keep a look out because there gone fast.

Until next time stay Nicely Polished!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Frappe Millionaire

For the month of December I received Millionaire and in January I received Frappe by Nailtini in my Ipsy boxes.

I thought what a better way to end the work week with Nailtini.

Frappe is a sheer ivory pink and does need at least three coats to show. This is a great polish for people that want that natural look on there nails.

Millionaire (middle and ring finger) is a teal and gold bar glitter with rose gold micro glitter.The base looks a little clear pink. This polish is good to fill a whole nail easily and was not hard to capture the bars on the nail brush.

Ipsy does have a coupon for 30% off at by using code: ipsystar

I did see a polish I was interested in so stay tuned!

Until next time stay Nicely Polished!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lowndes Square

Sephora had a good sale before Christmas on nail polishes so I racked up on some colors.

Today I'm wearing Nails inc. lowndes square a creamy grayish purple. It's definitely a classic. It's not loud or to soft. I used two coats with no problems.

It has been partnered with OPI Sephora brand mauve-ie star in the making. Large pink and purple hex glitter with small gold glitter in a clear base. With this polish I had to put on several coats to cover the whole nail. You have to wait tell the coats dry before putting on other coats.

The combo I thought was perfect. I received a lot of questions of where I got the polish.

If your a nail polish junkie like my self you want to pick up the Lowndes Square.

What is everyone else wearing on there nails today?

Until next time stay nicely polished!