Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Paloma Jellysandwich with A Little Kindness

Just like many folks I took advantage at Zoya to purchase 3 polishes for $10 shipping. One of the polishes I purchased was Paloma.

Paloma is a fuchsia purplish jelly. Surprisingly it can go on thin or thick. Depending on how much you leave on the brush. I can say at first I did apply thin on my index finger but just found it better to apply thick on the 1st coat. The 1st coat did dry quickly and had a good shine with out a top coat.

Of course I thought it was a little to plain so I had to add a little extra to my Jelly.

My choice was Rainbow Honey's A Little Kindness to make my jellysandwich complete.

A Little Kindness is the pink family glittery heaven. For a indie polish Rainbow Honey makes sure they represent the best. The packaging is to die for. I took a separate picture so everyone could see for themselves.

So combining Paloma with A Little Kindness made the best Jellysandwich.

Hope everyone enjoys until next time stay Nicely Polished.

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