Monday, May 28, 2012

Julep Jessica, Brooke and Mandy

So I took advantage of the 1¢ special with Julep Maven this month and here is my review. Jessica is a baby blue creme and was a little thick for my liking. The color does remind me of Havana Dreams from Sephora OPI collection. I am not sure it was the batch I received. Not a big fan. Brooke is a shimmer and small glitter glaze with the colors purple and pink. But in different lighting you can also see silver and gold.  Which makes it a layering polish. Last but not least Mandy... Oh Mandy. She is a creme polish very opaque at one coat. A pink coral great color for the summer. Below I attempted to do a Chevron Nails with all three colors. Camera did not pick up Brooke to well. I think I am going to try Brooke on a Black polish. If anyone is interested on getting polishes for 1¢ click Julep Maven and use code COLORS4ONE

Brooke, Mandy, Jessica

Memorial Collective Haul

I hope everyone had a Great Holiday weekend! This weekend I did a little painting and some eating, more eating, and did I say eating. lol I also went to different stores this weekend. I have been trying to clean up my nails with regular nail polish removers and it was just not working so I gave in and got the pure acetone. WOW what a difference. From CVS I bought Milani Jewel FX in Gold and Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser + Balm. From Sephora I got a Black Braided headband and nail art set. Which includes dotting tool and a thin paint brush. Did anyone else do any Shopping this weekend?

Also can not forget the lovely Bracelet from Kokonatto. Navy Blue Cobra bracelet with a textured silver chain. I am always excited on getting new things in the mail :)
****Everything was purchased by me unless otherwise stated. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Disco Ballin

Can anyone say obsessed! I am so obsessed with TheBalm Nail Polish. Better Off Red is gorgeous it took me one coat and I am a stickler about coating twice. Hot Ticket was so smooth and creamy. On the tip of my nails I used another TheBalm Nail Polish Disco Ball. The glitter is chunky but in a jelly finish so it does not take a lot of coats if you want the whole nail to be glittery. This will definitely will not be my last TheBalm Polish. More to come...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

It Girl

So excited when I opened my mailbox today. I have to give up to Do it Your Self Lady. She put me on to Copious were I purchased two Zoya polishes. Can't wait to swatch it. I also receive my first order of the Julep Maven Nail Polish "It Girl"that I purchased for $0.01. How cool is that!!

Dodge a Bullet

Hot Ticket Polish 3 Dodge a Bullet. The application was easy  as stated in my last blog.  The difference between the last two swatches is this was not pretty at one coat.  It was like a faded grey color. So I went with 2 coats and still didn't like it... 3rd coat is better. It showed its true color. Its not something I could wear on a regular basis.  It's a grey color that has a metallic shimmer to it and also has small blue and pink glitter . Very gorgeous in the bottle but, not so much on the nails. At least not for me.
Overall its pretty in the bottle but not so much on my nails. At least the name is catchy. Tell me what you think. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

TheBalm Hot Ticket!

So I got around to trying out two out of 5 TheBalm Nail Polishes today. So far so good. They glide on very smooth and with one coat it coated well. I still like to coat my nails twice. I was very impressed with the quality of these nail polishes especially for the price. The first photo is Gold Finger and it reminds me of a gold nail foil. Not your regular gold polish. This polish is a must add to any collection. The next photo is Counterfeit its like a forest green color. Not my favorite but would be a great base coat for a nail design. Tell me your thoughts on these Polishes?   
                                                  W/Flash                                WO/Flash
                                                                        Gold Finger

                                                     W/Flash                         WO/Flash

                                                 Counterfeit as base & Gold Finger on Tips

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Nail Haul

This is my nail polish haul from the weekend. I got a good deal on The Balm nail polishes. The Balm set was a good deal I could not pass it up. Don't think I am going to be keeping it. ;) Swatches will be coming soon.

***All items were purchased by me unless otherwise stated***