Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Princess and the Peacock

My IG account is majority Nail Addicts such as myself. One of many of them has made this gorgeous indie polish... Princess and the Peacock.

This is a teal jelly polish with blue small glitters, teal diamond glitters, gold duo-chrome hexagonal, and small green flower glitters. Wow a lot of glitters for you glitter lovers!

My first impression was its very sheer and you really can not see the teal jelly polish. The blue small glitters spread evenly but the other glitters you do need to push and spread out. I am thinking the base is two thin. I am still happy with my purchase because I can still work with it.

In this photo I made a jelly sandwich. I used my own beige jelly polish that I mixed up just for this sandwich and of course Princess and the Peacock was used right in the middle. Yummy! If you are interested in this polish Smarty Lacquer by Zoe is where you can find it. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Black Knight

Made a visit to Ulta and I'm always passing by the Butter London polishes. I can never see myself paying $14 for them but I caved in for The Black Knight.

When I got home I was so excited to change my mani! The color is like nothing I have and it had my two favorite colors blue and pink (with a little silver) glitter. It goes great with the black base...needless to say I was disappointed. (sigh)

The first coat was sheer, streaky, and blotchy. I'm usually a two coater but we needed 3 coats to fix the issues. When it dried it was very dull and gritty. This definitely was in need of a top coat. Another thing I did not like was the small handle to the brush. It just didn't feel right. Overall I give this polish a 2 out of 5. Just wasn't worth the buy.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Edward's Kiss

My Summer Vacation from my blog has been crazy. My printer died then a couple of days later my laptop crashed. I did start to post again on facebook through my phone and let me tell you that is headache.

None the less I am back....

Couple of weeks ago I made a purchase through Copious that is the best Jelly Polish I have ever used. This first coat was thin but to be expected. This red beauty has red glitters that compliments the blood red jelly. She also has her own store on Etsy Lacey Lou's Stockpile The label is different and you can mistaken it for another indie polish.

Overall this indie polish is great. I definitely feel like I got some of Edward's Drippings!