Saturday, September 15, 2012

Edward's Kiss

My Summer Vacation from my blog has been crazy. My printer died then a couple of days later my laptop crashed. I did start to post again on facebook through my phone and let me tell you that is headache.

None the less I am back....

Couple of weeks ago I made a purchase through Copious that is the best Jelly Polish I have ever used. This first coat was thin but to be expected. This red beauty has red glitters that compliments the blood red jelly. She also has her own store on Etsy Lacey Lou's Stockpile The label is different and you can mistaken it for another indie polish.

Overall this indie polish is great. I definitely feel like I got some of Edward's Drippings!


  1. thats a nice bloody red color that reminds me of a kleancolor polish that i own. chunky holo scarlet, if i remember it right