Sunday, June 24, 2012


Went to Sephora a week ago to purchase Traffic Stopper Copper and on the other side of there OPI's they had shelves and shelves of other nail polishes (over exaggerating I know lol). So one of the sales ladies came up to me and was raving over Illamasqua nail polish and how she had it on over a week with no chips. So of course I asked did you touch it up with any clear polish during the week and with a Blank stare she said "NO". I was sold!!! My first Illamasque nail polish...It was very opaque at the first coat. No streaks, very smooth, and great for the summer. Collide is a wearable neon pink. Impressed by the quality of this polish. I foresee I will be back at Sephora to purchase more neon's for the summer!

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