Saturday, January 12, 2013

Lowndes Square

Sephora had a good sale before Christmas on nail polishes so I racked up on some colors.

Today I'm wearing Nails inc. lowndes square a creamy grayish purple. It's definitely a classic. It's not loud or to soft. I used two coats with no problems.

It has been partnered with OPI Sephora brand mauve-ie star in the making. Large pink and purple hex glitter with small gold glitter in a clear base. With this polish I had to put on several coats to cover the whole nail. You have to wait tell the coats dry before putting on other coats.

The combo I thought was perfect. I received a lot of questions of where I got the polish.

If your a nail polish junkie like my self you want to pick up the Lowndes Square.

What is everyone else wearing on there nails today?

Until next time stay nicely polished!

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