Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sole Society Camila

Recently I bought a pair of shoes for 50% with free shipping. I purchased Camila in the color adobe. It was a steal! I think I watched the progress of my package being delivered every day until I received it. 

When I got home the box was sitting on my counter and I tore it up to see my brand new babies. *sigh* 

What a disappointment... The quality of the shoes were as if I went to the local flea market and purchased $6 shoes. On the website it stated it was true to size. That's true but it was so uncomfortable. It felt like a cardboard box with fabric and little studs that had paint on some of them. I am not going to rule them out just yet. There is some boots that I did like and I'm going to try my hand one more time. Has anyone else tried Sole Society and what did you think? 

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