Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mumbai Luxe Bracelet

Not only am I a polish fan...I love Jewelry too. I got into purchasing from jewelmint from watching YouTube Videos. Yes, I watch YouTube like it's a TV show! Am I the only one? lol If you have never heard of Jewelmint its a subscription service for jewelry. Jewelmint has hits and misses with there jewelry. I am not into small accessories. It has to be bulky and make a statement. So recently I purchased the Mumbai Luxe Bracelet in gold. Super excited when I got it in the mail. It is the perfect chunky bracelet. Its heavy does not look check. The hammered details on the disc is perfect. The only concern is the rope they put it on. Yes, I said rope...I am worried after wearing it the rope is going to start wearing out and break. Mumbai has been paired up with Cinema Americano Bracelet so you can see the difference in the shade of golds. Checkout Jewelmint <----Website!

Left: With Flash                                                                       Right: WO Flash

Tried to capture the rope
 ***These bracelets were purchased by me***

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